Welcome to Elite Surface Finishing Ltd
Founded in 1995 Elite Surface Finishing Limited based in Banbury, Oxfordshire is a fully independent family business. This allows us complete flexibility in our operations.
In the past fifteen years we have concentrated our efforts in providing quality metal surface finishes to the automotive, medical, photographic and general engineering industries. Hence we are fully conversant with the demands of quality, reliability and speed of response required to support our customer needs. We are aided in this by making the decision not to get heavily involved with architectural and large bulk anodising.
Quality Control
Goods Received Inspection
All parts are inspected on arrival to ensure suitability for anodising.
In Process Control
Quality and adherence to documented procedure is monitored at every stage of production. All processes are carried out manually and all operators are trained in process control.
Final Inspection
All parts are fully inspected for quality and conformity prior to being released then packed to avoid transit damage.
"Elite Surface Finishing have provided us (NITRON) with a first class service from the moment we started using them. Not only is their anodising and other surface treatments of first class quality but this is supported by an unrivalled knowledge of the processes and all things aluminium from casting through extrusion to surface finishing. We can always rely on them to turn components around for us when we have important deadlines to meet. I would recommend Elite to any company without hesitation.
Guy Evans
Managing Director
Nitron Racing Systems Ltd"